Auralsphere Electronics is run by tech wizard/surgeon Hodgy.  Hodgy started working as an electronics repair technician in 1993, after graduating from Kirkwood Community College’s Electronics program (Cedar Rapids, IA).  He put many years under his belt as a tech in manufacturing environments before going to work with the ‘Triage’ repair team at Loud Technologies, focusing on the Ampeg, Crate, and Mackie brands. In addition to ‘fixing stuff’, Hodgy is a veteran bass player, guitarist, singer*, songwriter, engineer, and recording enthusiast- with several albums to his credit.  He’s played in dozens of bands and knows a million* cover songs.  As a musician himself, he understands the importance of your gear and will get you back up and running with care and precision.


When he’s not inhaling solder fumes, Hodgy can be found performing with local bands Charlie Drown, Devil’s Food, and Buttafüko, or locked away in his basement studio/hideout writing reggae death metal cat food jingles.



*may be a slight exaggeration



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