At Auralsphere Electronics we understand how important your gear is.  That’s why we make it an imperative to get your equipment fixed with care and precision, at a fair price.


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Electronic Repair - You're a musician.  Your gear breaks.  I'm here for you.  Tube and solid-state gear, amps, mixers, speakers, pedals, and stuff.  I've got your back.


Mods Does your amp need more knobs, switches and doohickies?  I can do that.


Pick-up/ Drop-off Service - Can’t make it to the shop during normal business hours?  For a fee we’ll come and pick up your gear, and even deliver it back to you when the repair is finished.


On-site Troubleshooting/ Service Calls - Can’t figure out what’s buzzing in your system?  Don’t worry!  I’ll come to you and diagnose the problem.


On-site Training- Building your first PA?  Trying to set up a home recording studio and are lost?  I’m here to help you get up and running so you can get back to making music, instead of making frustration.


Over the Phone Tech Support/Training- Service and Support is what we do.


Rush Service – Need your gear fixed, like, yesterday?  I will happily drop everything else and make it priority numero uno (that’s number one, for my non- Española speaking friends).  You may, however, still have to wait for any special parts that need to be ordered.  We can take care of expedited shipping of said parts, also.  This cost will be added to your invoice.


Guitar and Bass Lessons – I've got a lot of years under my belt as a musician.  Let me pass some of my knowledge on to you!


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